About UsWe are a well-trusted, research-driven boutique policy, strategic transformation, and leadership advisory firm. We combine a strong global network with extensive local experience working and operating in GCC countries

Who We AreWe are a well-trusted Saudi boutique advisory firm. We combine a strong global network with extensive local experience working and operating in GCC and around the world. We aspire to be the next Saudi global firm.

Global Advisory Experience

We worked closely with some of the largest firms and organizations in the world
We know the consulting  industry’s strengths and weaknesses we have  been there

National Visions and Strategies

We are involved in country visions and strategies.

Our team has experience working directly with the leadership of various sectors and institutions in the areas of strategy, policy, legislation, building human, and institutional capacities.

Thought Leadership and Knowledge

We have affiliation and constant engagement with the top schools and think tanks in the world, such as Harvard, Columbia, LSE, Chatham House, WEF, WGS, and local universities and research centers.

We design and deliver  leadership and capability development to leaders and executives.

National + Local Leadership Experience

Proven track record of  working in GCC government entities as officials and advisories.
We understand the needs  dynamics and context of government work and its policies and processes
We work closely with top experts in the world, the same used by Big Four and global consulting firms
We often get called by govt clients to fix the work of global consulting firms. We partner in implementation over long time
We often partner with the world top universities & institutions to deliver thought leadership work
We know government & its needs very well. For 20 years, we worked closely with most govt entities. We know the evolution of journey

Values and what we stand for

Our values and working style are in line with the needs and requirements of the local market. We are committed to building and maintaining trust and transparency, professionalism, using scientific and evidence-based research, and sharing and localizing knowledge

Relevant and specialized expertise

Our experiences and success stories in strategic transformation projects. Our team is diverse scientifically, practically  and culturally, from different backgrounds and experiences and that reflect the latest global concepts and best practices

Methodologies and Tools

Our agile and proven methodology that underpins our work focuses on diagnosing
problems, analysis, and finding solutions and achieving continuous and gradual harmonization coupled with institutional and human capabilities building

Our Mission

As strategic transformation and policy-market research experts, we empower those at the crossroads of choice to fulfill needs, goals, priorities and values. We uncover and connect you to the dynamics and requirements of complex transformation and to deliver winning insights, strategies and solutions that create lasting value and positive impact.

Our ApproachWorking with us means you work directly with experienced partners and a network of senior government and business practice experts Unlike the traditional consulting firm model, ours is senior expert-based...

Our senior partners and  subject matter experts are the core team that attend
meetings, runs workshops, anddelivers the value
Our dedicated and professional junior research team is in the  background and does not lead client interactions
When working with us, you are engaging senior partners and  global independent experts in your  team. The team you meet during  the early discussionsis the team that deliver the actual project.

We understanding strategic transformation journey from insight to transformation & implementation Human Capital & Leadership Development Agile Implementation & performance Governance & Operating Models Change Management & Communications Strategic Transformation Strategy Design & Refresh Strategy is important – but it’s the execution that counts. Achieving organizational goals depends on having a robust strategy –and on executing that strategy effectively. Our methods and tools create the culture and discipline to turn strategy into action.

Our TeamOur team of professionals includes HR consultants, executive coaches, business professionals, and more.


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